Concrete & Asphalt Cleaning Products

Made Only From Organic Materials

Our premium range of concrete and asphalt cleaning products are 100% organic. Made from a seaweed base with 4 strands of oil eating microbes. Two of which are proprietary to Terradis. 

Size Range: 1.1kg – 3.3kg – 8.8kg & 22.6kg. 

Removes: Oil, petrol, diesel and hydraulic fluid stains.




Restore the surface back to before the stain.

Using the power of nature our oil eating microbes turn the hydrocarbons into water and C02.

Fast Product Activation System

As soon as Terminator-HSD comes into contact with the oil stain our four strands of microbes go to work with 3billion microbes in every gram.


Oil, diesel, petrol and hydraulic fluid stains.



Easy to Apply

Sprinkle dry powder over the stain
Sweep into the stain 
Moisten with water 
Repeat each week

100% Safe

Non toxic
Zero chemicals
Safe for waterways

Good For The Environment

Will not harm any water ways, has a net positive gain when used around water ways which may have contamination.

Our Oil Cleaning Products

Fully bio-remediate, oil, diesel, petrol and hydraulic fluid.

1.1kg through to 22.6kg options

Have Oil Stains? Not Anymore.

Over the course of four to six weeks the microbes in Terminator-HSD go to work on bioremediation the hydrocarbons from the concrete and asphalt surfaces. Leaving no carbon shadow, fully removing the stain.

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