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ON-SITE oil spill soil cleaner:


TERRADIS soil cleaning products contain a proprietary blend of highly concentrated micro-bacteria, nutrients and absorbents. Designed to bio degrade oil, petrol, diesel, solvents and hydraulic fluid spills on soil, gravel and hard rock surfaces with minimal effort and fuss. The blend of microbes ensures an accelerated remediation of the oil spill or stained area. What’s more, our oil spill remediation products are non-toxic, safe to handle and easy to apply. The vast majority of the spill is remediated into water (H20) and carbon dioxide (C02). On site restoration is the preferred method of treating oil spills. On site restoration allows for the quick return of vegetative growth.

The trucking out contaminated soil only results on two locations being contaminated. Terradis has pioneered the use of Gold Crew SW with TERMINATOR-HSD Soil Cleaner for significantly accelerated remediation of spill sites. Studies have shown significantly quicker results when the two products are combined to clean oil spills from the soil. 

Our honeycomb structured cells quickly absorb and contain the hydrocarbons, holding them in place while the microbes go to work on turning them into water (H20) and carbon dioxide (C02). Once the oil is contained in the honeycomb it will not migrate!

With no water runoff issues to worry about. Regular use of TERMINATOR-HSD products on industrial sites will aid in stormwater compliance, as spilled contaminants are bio-remediated on site, on an ongoing basis.

Soil and Gravel: Spread Terminator-HSD evenly over the contaminated area.  1.1kg (2.4lbs) will treat approximately 4 to 10 square meters of contaminated soil.  For best results, loosen the soil with rake or tiller prior to application.  If the spill is fresh, apply enough TERMINATOR-HSD to absorb all pooling petroleum hydrocarbons.  It is not necessary to remove or dispose of absorbed material.  All spilled petroleum hydrocarbons will be bio-remediated on-site over time with the assistance of nature. For dry climates, it may be necessary to moisten soil periodically.   For contamination deeper than 15cm, monthly tilling and reapplication may be necessary.  Check contamination levels every 2-4 weeks and reapply as necessary.  Consult TERRADIS for treatment of larger spills that have soaked into the ground. Sweep area free from dirt and debris.  Sprinkle TERMINATOR-HSD sparingly over the dry-stained area.  Using a fine bristle broom, sweep in all directions to lightly cover and coat the stained area.  Leave in place and repeat weekly until stain fades to the desired level.  For quickest results, lightly mist with water after application.   For exceedingly dry climates, a periodic misting of water will speed the process.  Most stains are eliminated in 1-4 treatments.

Spills on Hard Non-Porous Surfaces: Spread enough TERMINATOR-HSD to absorb all pooling petroleum hydrocarbons.   Sweep up and dispose of according to local regulations.

Avoid inhalation of product.  Wash hands after use. Rinse eyes thoroughly if the product comes in contact with eyes. See MSDS for more information. Store in cool dry place. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN



Coverage Area Varies Depending On Density & Type Of Surface


Key Points

  • Remediates petroleum contaminations from soil
  • Environmentally Friendly Non Toxic.
  • Our specialised micro organisms quickly bioremediate petroleum compounds into Water (H20) and Carbon Dioxide (C02).
  • Contains no sulphates or phosphates  – SAFE for our water ways.
  • Our honeycomb cell structure binds to the hydrocarbons together holding them palace while remediating the stain.
How TERMINATOR-HSD Soil Cleaner Works:

TERMINATOR-HSD is a powder containing a proprietary blend of highly concentrated microbes and absorbent. The microbes are cultured specifically to biodegrade motor oil, crude oil, gasoline, hydraulic fluid, solvents, cooking oil and kitchen grease. Proprietary nutrients stimulate the microbial appetite and growth, resulting in accelerated remediation of a spill or stained area. Safe, non-toxic and easy to use. The major by-products from the biodegradation process are carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O).

Storm-Water Permit Compliance

Regular use of TERMINATOR-HSD in parking lots and industrial yards will aid in storm-water compliance. Spilled petroleum compounds are bioremediated on an ongoing basis. Consult a TERRADIS representative for a proper maintenance schedule for your facility.

Absorption & Containment

TERMINATOR-HSD Asphalt Cleaner attracts and binds hydrocarbons, holding them in place during biodegradation. Once absorbed, contaminates will not migrate as they bioremediate.

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