Driveway Oil Spill Cleaning

Remediate Oil, Petrol, Diesel and Hydraulic Fluid Contamination

You like your car, you like to look after it. What about that oil stain in the middle of the driveway where you did your last oil change. Never really went away. Degreasers only spread it around and leave their own stains

For an easy eco friendly way to remove oil, diesel and petrol stains from your driveway. The guys at Terradis NZ have an excellent microbial cleaner.

  • Removes oil stains from concrete, pavers and asphalt.
  • Removes diesel stains from concrete, pavers and asphalt.
  • Removes petrol stains from concrete, pavers and asphalt.
  • Removes hydraulic and brake stains from concrete, pavers and asphalt.
  • Environmentally friendly.

With your driveway often being the first thing your guest see, offending oil and diesel stains spoil the look and feel of you homes curb appeal. What’s more, they oil never really goods away and leaches into the water ways  and surrounding soil.

Terminator-HSD concrete cleaner provides a safe simple solution to completely removing the oil and diesel stain from your concrete or asphalt driveway.

Is It Safe

Terminator-HSD concrete and asphalt cleaner contains zero harmfaul chemicals. Just 4 strands of microbes bonded to a seaweed base. The microbes multiply and remediate the oil stains into Co2 and H20.

How Long Does It Take?

The microbes go to wrk as soon as they come into contact with the offending hydrocarbons. T-HSD has removed 30 plus year old oil stains from asphalt in as little as six weeks. Leaving no trace of where the spill was.

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Some tips about cleaning oil stains from your driveway.

  • Blot the stain with paper and dispose of excess in the correct environmental method
  • Apply a bacterial cleaner that will not bleach the surface or leach chemicals into the environment
  • Repeat the application over 4-6 weeks and the stain will fully remediate leaving an even clean finish to the concrete surface.
  • Never use acids – they can bleach the driveway leaving an uneven finish
  • Degreaser only move the oil around – diluting it out but still leaving a shadow

TERMINATOR-HSD is a powder containing a proprietary blend of highly concentrated microbes and absorbent. The microbes are cultured specifically to biodegrade motor oil, crude oil, gasoline, hydraulic fluid, solvents, cooking oil and kitchen grease. Proprietary nutrients stimulate the microbial appetite and growth, resulting in accelerated remediation of a spill or stained area. Safe, non-toxic and easy to use. The major by-products from the biodegradation process are carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O).

Storm-Water Permit Compliance

Regular use of TERMINATOR-HSD in parking lots and industrial yards will aid in storm-water compliance. Spilled petroleum compounds are bioremediated on an ongoing basis. Consult a TERRADIS representative for a proper maintenance schedule for your facility.

Absorption & Containment

TERMINATOR-HSD Asphalt Cleaner attracts and binds hydrocarbons, holding them in place during biodegradation. Once absorbed, contaminates will not migrate as they bioremediate.

Directions For Use
  • Asphalt Cleaning (Oil Stains on Asphalt): Sprinkle TERMINATOR-HSD sparingly over dry stained area. 310 grams will treat 15 to 30 small oil spots! Sweep product in multiple directions to force powder into surface pores.
  • Using a soft bristle broom, sweep excess powder to new areas until there remains nothing left to sweep.
  • In dry climates or indoor areas it is necessary to mist water on the area, out side in temperate conditions mother nature will complete the job for you.
  • To speed results, moisten area lightly, being careful to not cause water run off, and reapply weekly until stains have faded as desired. Most stains will be eliminated in 3 to 4 applications. Due to the more rough surface nature of Asphalt, more product is used during treatment.

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