Biological Waste Degrader

Break down fats, oils, grease, cellulosic fibres, human waste solids and petroleum hydrocarbons.

TFP-50 Is A Fast Effective Biological Waste Degrader


TFP-50 biological waste degrader is part of our industrial biological cleaning supply range. TFp-50 biological waste degrader is a proprietary blend of scientifically selected and adapted bacteria, enzymes, and nutrients. It is formulated for the biodegradation of organic compounds found in domestic, municipal, commercial, agricultural, marine and industrial water treatment systems.  TFP-50 biological waste degrader contains microbes that are capable of producing extremely high levels of enzymes necessary for the rapid breakdown and solubilisation of various wastes (substrates) such as fats, oils, grease, cellulosic fibers, human waste solids, and petroleum hydrocarbons to facilitate solids reduction and wastewater clarification.  TFP-50 biological waste degrader is also formulated to inhibit the biological production of odors caused by gases (H2S, etc.) and putrid, volatile organic compounds usually associated with anaerobic conditions.

TFP-50 Data Sheet


  • Wastewater Activated Sludge Systems
  • Wastewater and Livestock Lagoons
  • Lift Stations
  • Grease Trap and Drains
  • Septic Tanks and Drain Fields
  • BOD, TSS, and Sludge Reduction
  • Biological Nutrient Removal Processes
  • Odor Reduction
  • Many Other Applications


  • Form:  Tan, free-flowing powder
  • Bacteria Count:  > 5 billion/gram
  • Shelf Life:  1 year guaranteed
  • Salmonella/Shigella:  Negative


  • Dissolved Oxygen, mg/l 0-2.0
  • pH 5-10
  • Temperature, ºC 5-55
  • Temperature, ºF 40-130
  • Toxic metals, mg/l Trace-None


BOD:N:P 100:5:1
Micronutrients Trace


Store in a cool place.  DO NOT FREEZE.  Avoid inhalation and eye and skin contact.  Wash hands upon contact, or after use.  Keep out of the reach of children.


Contact your TERRADIS representative for more information.


TFP-50 is available 11.3kg pails.  Specialty packaging is available upon request. Product information.

Key Points

  • Biological waste degrader.
  • Environmentally Friendly Non Toxic.
  • Our specialised micro organisms quickly breakdown waste.
  • Contains no sulphates or phosphates.
  • Extremely high levels of enzymes.
  • Human waste solids and petroleum hydrocarbons to facilitate solids reduction and wastewater clarification.


How TERMINATOR-HSD Waste Water Degrader Works:

TERMINATOR-HSD is a powder containing a proprietary blend of highly concentrated microbes and absorbent. The microbes are cultured specifically to biodegrade motor oil, crude oil, gasoline, hydraulic fluid, solvents, cooking oil and kitchen grease. Proprietary nutrients stimulate the microbial appetite and growth, resulting in accelerated remediation of a spill or stained area. Safe, non-toxic and easy to use. The major by-products from the biodegradation process are carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O).

Storm-Water Permit Compliance

Regular use of TERMINATOR-HSD in parking lots and industrial yards will aid in storm-water compliance. Spilled petroleum compounds are bioremediated on an ongoing basis. Consult a TERRADIS representative for a proper maintenance schedule for your facility.

Absorption & Containment

TERMINATOR-HSD Asphalt Cleaner attracts and binds hydrocarbons, holding them in place during biodegradation. Once absorbed, contaminates will not migrate as they bioremediate.

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